Classical pop crossover, Broadway, Jazz, Singer-Songwriter, Pop, Rock, Country, Folk. 

Think of Erin like Linda Ronstadt, with a dash of Annie Lennox and a lot of Bette Midler.

Formerly an award-winning rock and pop songwriter on the Spinout Records Label, Erin is also writing a play and film project about a singer-songwriter, for the obvious reasons...

Known best for her cabaret-style one-woman shows, "The One" and "StandUpera," incorporating standup, story and song....


...Classically trained, hooked on pop, school in soul...

FEBRUARY 21st, 2023:

The THEME from


is available wherever you stream music! 

So.... *I* use Tidal. But you can watch it on YouTube (, listen on Spotify, or make videos on TikTok. Go crazy! Have fun. You can listen anywhere you can type in "Erin Carere Spy v Spia theme". 

All my life I've wanted to sing a big, glorious SPY THEME SONG like Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner, Carly Simon, and later Adele. Well, thanks to a little indie pilot/ short/ proof of concept romantic comedy made by yours truly, Carlo Carere, and an incredible cast and crew, Spy v Spia was born...

I turned to my longtime friend Mark Mallman for help with the theme song since he wrote one of my all-time favorite songs and is generally just plain wonderful. And he wrote this theme- a blend of sexy, funny, divalicious in a way I could have only DREAMED. 
So, enjoy, kids! Wherever you listen to music.