October, 2022

Recent updates:

TIME ZERO, a feature film script written by Carlo & Erin Carere, was optioned by In Yo FACE Filmworks and is in pre-production as of October, 2022.

March 14th , 2022:

Been a minute! So much news, but as I'm a little busy, I'll just pop in here and share a few updates!

So! First and foremost, NEAR DEATH, the short film Carlo and I wrote and produced, is now streaming on multiple platforms, including:







Vimeo on Demand.

​Our NEWEST project, a feature film script called TIME ZERO, is a FINALIST at the Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition! We are so honored!

It also was in the TOP TEN at the Table Read My Screenplay Spring 2022 Genre Competition. 

More new to come.... just busy writing!

August 25th, 2020:

Woohoo! We're headin' to Nashville! Virtually, anyhow. Our supernatural crime TV pilot, Near Death, is a finalist in the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. We are so excited to participate in screenings and zoom panels and meetings and more this October, 2020.

July 14th, 2020:

Hey everyone! Wanted to share the interview that Carlo and I recently gave the online screenwriting magazine MovieBytes after two of our scripts, DARK HORIZONS and TIME ZERO, ascended to the VERY TOP in their ranks of 1000+ award-winning scripts. We are so so excited because our feature film script (TIME ZERO) was just acquired by Canadian producers who are very passionate about making it into a great film as early as this Autumn! We would also love to thank our manager
Kathy Muraviov for negotiating for us. More soon!


The Careres, husband/wife writing team, have signed purchase agreements on two feature films so far in 2020. One was Time Zero, a thriller being produced by Canadian Production Company, Chamber Zero Films, Ltd. Another script, Mindgate, has producer Joel Shapiro of Bluegrass Pictures attached, with Simon West set to direct and Chinese star Yao Xing Tong attached as one of the leads. They were hired by Settima Pictures as writers on a documentary to be produced and directed by the Emmy-nominated Konwiser Brothers in conjunction with Jim Brown (former NFL great) entitled Rock: The Power of Change, about a former Crips leader turned basketball coach who is saving kids from the streets.  After winning seven prominent awards, including Final Draft Big Break, their Sci-Fi pilot Dark Horizons, has director/producer Mike Le’ Han attached. Their TV Pilot Near Death, based on a short film of the same name, is a Finalist in the 2020 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting competition.


REVERSE, formerly known as DARK HORIZONS,  a one hour sci-fi pilot complete with series bible, written by Carlo Carere & Erin Carere

WINNER, RUNNER-UP, Outstanding Screenplay Awards                                                                                  

WINNER, TOP THREE, Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest                                                                

WINNER, Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship
WINNER, Filmmatic Screenplay Awards
WINNER, Screenplay Festival                                                                                                                             

WINNER, High Scribe Award/ Best Script, Sun Valley Film Festival                                                                  

WINNER, Best TV Pilot, Script Summit Screenplay Competition                                                                  

Screencraft Coverage Service: Recommend                                 

Finalist, Tracking Board Pilot Launch                                                                                                                    

Finalist, ISA Genre-Busting Contest (Top 10)                                                                                                        

Finalist, Pitch Your Screenplay Contest (Top 10)                                                                                                  

Finalist, Emerging Screenwriters Genre (Top 10)                                                                                                  

Finalist, ISA Fast Track (Top 10)                                                                                                                                  

Finalist, Screencraft Fellowship (Top 10)                                                                                                                  

Finalist, Screencraft TV Pilot Script Competition                                                        

Finalist, Tracking Board
Finalist, Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship
Finalist, CineStory Foundation - Retreat and Fellowship Competition                                             

Finalist, Table Read My Screenplay Hollywood                                                                  

Finalist, Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle                                                        

Finalist, Screenwriters Network Screenplay Competition                                              

Finalist, Coverfly Pitch Week.                                                                          

Finalist, Action on Film Megafest                                                                    

Finalist, Creative World Awards
Finalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards                                             

Finalist, Filmmatic Pitch Now
Finalist, Southern California Screenwriting Competition (Top 10)              

Semifinalist, Screencraft Sci-fi/ Fantasy Competition                                               

Semifinalist, Page Awards                                                                       

 Semifinalist, Stage 32 Sci-fi/ Fantasy                                                           

Semifinalist, The Script Lab                                                                          

Semifinalist, Emerging Screenwriters Competition    
Semifinalist, Screencraft Pilot Launch
Semifinalist, Creative Screenwriting Awards
Semifinalist, Shore Script Awards
Semifinalist, Cinequest Film Festival
Semifinalist, Roadmap Top Tier
Semifinalist, Table Read My Screenplay Park City                                                 

Semifinalist, Atlanta Film Festival 

“My heart goes with Dark Horizons. This show should be made!”                                                     

-Kevin Walsh, CEO, Scot-Free Productions, Apple+ TV, and Judge, Sun Valley Film Festival 
*Reverse, FKA Dark Horizons

“The best script I’ve read in years!”                                                        

-Ed Asner, RIP

“Excellent script in so many ways. Professional-level execution on the page. Full of cinematic action and human emotion. The story evolves in intriguing directions. The concept is scary, original and involving. Despite all the violence and horror elements, it also has heart -- with the main character’s family relationships grounding it all into something relatable.”                                       

-Erik Bork, Emmy- & Golden Globe-Winner, “Band of Brothers”

Near Death, a one hour supernatural crime pilot complete with series bible, written by Carlo Carere & Erin Carere

FINALIST, Nashville Film Festival - 2020

Near Death, a short film (2018), and now a one hour supernatural drama pilot complete with series bible, written by Carlo Carere & Erin Carere
Official Selection: American Horrors Film Festival

Oaxaca Film Festival

Chain NYC Film Festival

Awareness Film Festival
Semifinalist: Hollywood Horror Festival
Premiered on SHORTS TV in 2020!

Lou Black,a feature film

WINNER, "BEST SCREENPLAY" at the Catalina Film Festival 

WINNER in the 10TH ANNUAL STORYPROS AWARDS where it won 1st PLACE in the action/adventure/thriller category.

A published poet since age 16, Erin holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Minnesota, and studied singing at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. She toured the country and Europe as a singer-songwriter before moving to Los Angeles, where she began writing one-woman shows and plays. She began writing screenplays with partner Carlo in 2014. She is also the author of an unpublished novel based on a produced stageplay of the same name, My Life as a Phone Psychic. As of summer 2020, she is nearly complete with the 270th draft of a contemporary magical realism novel.