November 2019:

November 21st, 2019: "Sex, Love and Cops" Show

Based on the gorgeous and talented Wendy WIlkins' memoir about her time as a police officer in Australia, I am appearing in her live show at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood on Thursday, 11/21.

I'll sing a few tunes and be part of readings from this sexy fun and sometimes poignant memoir perfectly suited to our times.

Side note, I haven't performed at Bar Lubitsch in NINE YEARS! It's one of my favorite venues... and it's a particularly appealing choice for "Irina Volka" as well... ;-p Come to the show, and you'll see why!

"Sex, Love and Cops"

Featuring author, actress, and former cop Wendy Wilkins;

Erin Carere and more actresses to be named soon.

Thursday, November 21st, 7:30 pm

Bar Lubitsch

7702 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

October 2019:

"Near Death" is screening at the American Horrors Film Festival in the "Helloween Short Films" block Saturday, October 26th, 2019 in Lake Geneva, WI. Tickets available here:

September 2019:

"Near Death" is screening as an official selection of the Awareness Film Festival on Friday, October 11th, at 7 pm. It will take place at the Regal Cinemas at LA LIVE in downtown Los Angeles. The Awareness Film Festival highlights films that inspire or shed light on important causes. Tickets and info available HERE.

August 2019:

"Near Death" is screening as an official selection of the Chain NYC Film Festival on August 15th, 2019.

Tickets available here:

Director Matteo Saradini and I will be in attendance. The screening includes a Q & A after!

May 2019:

Oh, I've been singing, just for film scores lately instead of live events! I just recorded something special that I can't yet announce, but let's just say it was exciting to get BACH to singing arias for a film about a certain FEMALE FRENCH SAINT, but with a new twist!

I also made a brief stint as IRINA VOLKA for the score for "Near Death." We're getting pretty meta here!

April 2019:

Hey all~ I've been busy producing, recording, writing and auditioning. I haven't had performances to share but I AM back on talking spiritual solutions for dreams, health and well-being! Thursdays at 9 am pacific time.

I'm doing some film score recording (for both a feature and a short) and will let you know when those films are available for your viewing (and/or listening to my voice in the score!!!) pleasure.

April 22nd, 2018:

I will be appearing in "Burbank's Got Talent," a very fun evening of singing, comedy, acrobatics and more, all as a fundraiser for a good cause! 

I'll be singing at least one solo and a duet, and there are tons of talented people! Lots of fun, low cost tickets, refreshments and MEEEE!

I hope you will join us for this magical/musical/comedic night of performances at the beautiful Colony Theatre in Burbank benefitting The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission.  

Tickets available HERE

March 2018:

What an HONOR and THRILL to perform with the MacArthur Genius and Pulitzer Prize and Tony nominated TAYLOR MAC in judy's "A 24 Hour Decade of Popular Music" at the Ace Theatre in conjunction with UCLA CAP. 

November 2019:

A few updates!

"Near Death" the short film will be distributed by SHORTS TV, a cable and satellite channel that has worldwide reach. It will start in North America. More details including premiere airing coming soon!

"Spy v Spia" was named a Second Round Qualifier in the SCREENCRAFT SHORT FILM FUND. Meanwhile, we've been putting together a fun edit!

"Dark Horizons" is in the Final Draft Big Break Contest TOP FIVE!

August 2019

My friend Gregor Collins has this awesome series called "Humans in my Phone," which includes many different people he knows ranging from great singers to Wrdsmth the Street Artist to.... MOI!

July 2019

I just wrapped a role (#2 on the callsheet, y'all!) in a documentary/ horror hybrid... I play a woman who underwent hell during REAL EVENTS. I won't say more about it just yet, but as soon as I can, I will be thrilled to let you all know when and where you can watch it. I got to see just a few clips from the dailies and the film looks incredible. I had such a wonderful time in Alabama working with an incredible director, crew and fellow castmates.... I cannot wait to tell you all more about it!

Meanwhile, "Near Death," the short film, is screening at the Chain NYC Film Festival in August. Look to the right to buy tickets! August 15th at 6 pm.

May 2019

The trailer for "NEAR DEATH" is here!

April 2019

I just wrapped a hilarious short film, "The Lemon Grove Annual Charity Race," in which I starred as Debra, a desperate housewife battling her nemesis... action comedy... It was an amazing shoot. Great script, fabulous director and crew, and incredibly talented fellow actors. Can't wait to share that one!

September 2018

Super exciting news: Carlo and I are thrilled to announce that we are currently filming a short film/ showcase for a TV Pilot of Feature Film called "Near Death." This project was co-written by us and stars Carlo, yours truly, and a few incredible actors: Reed Michael Campbell and Jolie Oliver. Directed by Matteo Saradini, we have an incredible crew including producers Carlos and Gabby Lugo.We have filmed two days so far of this scifi noir thriller, and I am playing LAPD Homicide Detective Katie Larson. Those of you who know me in "real life" (whatever that is) know that I'm a gushy teddy bear... but this is some of my favorite casting: a total badass with action scenes!

Whoa. It's been such an amazing summer!

Some highlights:


I had such a blast filming a short film written and directed by Harrison Reishman, with cinematography by Atom Jones, co-starring yours truly, Claudis Bridgeforth, and Marianne Lu. More info on that coming soon!

Our pilot script, "Dark Horizons," won 1st Place in the Script Summit Screenwriting Awards in Las Vegas last week in the TV Pilot division. It was so exciting to attend the Action on film Festival and the Mega Festival! I met amazing people and had a blast.

Spring 2018​

​Our pilot script, co-written with Carlo Carere, "Dark Horizons," won the High Scribe Award/ Best Script Award at the Sun Valley Film Festival. The contest was judged by Scot Free Productions' Kevin Walsh. 

Winner, Screenplay Festival
Winner, High Scribe Award/ Best Script, Sun Valley Film Festival

October 31st, 2017

Our Kickstarter was a SUCCESS! I'll be publishing a blog about the LAST MOMENTS and the HIGH STAKES, dangit, but for now, just know we are SOOOOO grateful. We raised $20,055. That's enough to greenlight a bare bones production of our pilot. We are seeking additional funding to pay Kickstarter fees and add production value, including sound design, costumes, post production, marketing, festival fees and more. You can help here:

and check out the website here:


October 6th, 2017

"Spy v Spia" has launched a FABULOUS, HILARIOUS Kickstarter Campaign! Come pick up a prize or two.

"Time Zero" won BEST SCREENPLAY at the CATALINA FILM FESTIVAL! Thanks to everyone we met and all who put on the festival. It was one of the best Film Festivals we have ever been to. The people were fantastic and the quality of films was through the roof!


photo by Diana Delzio, Modern PR

July 10th, 2017

"Spy V Spia" got a nice write up in AMB Magazine this month. Check it out HERE!

June 10th. 2017​

"Time Zero," my action-thriller script, co-      written with Carlo, won 1st Place in the Story Pros screenwriting contest in the action/ adventure/ thriller category!

"In Three," my romantic dramedy script, was named a quarter-finalist in the ScriptFest Comedy contest!

"Spy V Spia," our will they/ won't they rom com sitcom with a spy parody twist, has attached director Christopher N. Rowley and producer Gretchen Landau. Our goal is to begin filming the short form digital series (web series) in Autumn 2017.