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Erin Carere is an award-winning screenwriter, actress, singer and now author.

Raised on the banks of the Mississippi River, she attended the University of Minnesota (B.A. in English Literature, Magna Cum Laude) and Manhattan School of Music.

Erin toured the US and Europe as a singer-songwriter before being signed to a music label and moving to Los Angeles. There, she quickly earned her SAG and AEA cards alongside ASCAP membership.

When her music career stalled, she began performing one woman shows about hilarious things like eating disorders and terrible relationships.

As an actress, notable roles include the lead in the Emmy-award-winning ALABAMA SNAKE on HBO, a stint with the Pulitzer-prize nominated TAYLOR MAC’S 24-DECADE HISTORY OF POPULAR MUSIC, and a much-watched episode of SEX SENT ME TO THE E.R.

In college, Erin wrote plays; once in Los Angeles she began screenwriting. She partnered in this endeavor with husband Carlo in 2014, and together they have written multiple award-winning, optioned and/or produced TV pilots, feature screenplays, shorts and web series. Their short film, NEAR DEATH, won or placed in multiple film festivals before being licensed to SHORTS TV. Another project, DARK HORIZONS, won 7 screenwriting contests and placed in over 40 more. Writing awards include the Final Draft Big Break Award, the Filmmatic Screenplay Award, the Sun Valley Film Festival High Scribe Award, the Catalina Film Festival and many more.

Fun life trivia: she spent months in an ashram in India; for years she worked as a phone psychic… after writing a play about it; and starting at the age of ten, she babysat hundreds of children, including some that were actually older than her. These days, in her spare time, Erin plays piano, studies Italian, collects four leaf clovers and aspires to develop into a modern-day Auntie Mame for her niece and nephews.


"Classically trained, hooked on pop, schooled in soul."