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What is a heroine?

A heroine is someone who has listened to her heart, determined her vision for who she wants to be in this world, and commits to it with wisdom, flexibility, humor and expansion of self beyond fear.

A heroine can be Wonder Woman, Mother Teresa, Qwan Yin… more often and equally importantly, a heroine is a banker, a first grade teacher, a stay at home parent… your sister, your friend, and YOU.

This is about your life and your vision!

Here I will share how I became the heroine of my own life: how I learned to empower myself to live in such a way that I was truthful, loving, ambitious, authentic, compassionate, successful, wise… to the best of my ability! How I came to be ME. How I committed to MY vision of MY life.

My hope is to inspire you to do the same in your own life!


Because: this is your life. You are precious and very important. My wish for you is to recognize your own beauty and greatness in a world that will try to convince you otherwise.

Shine on, sister friend. Shine on and let us all be inspired by YOU!

In my mailing list notes and podcast, I’ll be sharing all sorts of processes and practical tips to fully embody the YOU that lives the life you long for.